Golf and Back Pain – A patient story

A man in his early 40’s came to see us at Active Motion due to experiencing back pain when playing golf, but what he noticed was that the back pain started to affect more and more of his daily activities and it started to make him unhappy when playing golf. Over time the pain also developed a referred tingling into his upper thigh.

How was it starting to affect his life?

“At first it was only affecting my golf game, I would get sharp debilitating twinges in my back when trying to hit shots. Then it got worse and I wasn’t even able to bend down and put the Tee in the ground or bend down to tie my shoes.”

“After seeing Active Motion I am able to play 18 holes of golf 3 times a week and I am not even aware of my back. They assessed me using an a range of golf specific actions and kept the treatment and exercises they gave me tailored to the the sport I love to play.”

On assessment:

Mr N’s symptoms included: 

  • A dull ache into his right lower back
  • A sharp pain in the lower back when rotating left and right but made worse with bending
  • Tingling in the front of his thigh

When looking at Mr N’s back range of motion it started to highlight that he was severely restricted in his range of motion due to pain.

The tingling sensation was mainly experienced during times of inactivity and was ease quite quickly when he was back moving around during the day.

Tight musculature

As the body tried to protect itself, the muscles surrounding the back and the leg started to tighten. Mr N was experiencing tight gluteal muscles and Quadratus Lumborum which is situated either side of the spine.

How did we help with Mr N’s back pain?

First of all we reduced down Mr N’s back pain through hands on mobilisations, massage and movement based exercises. We then utilised exercise based rehabilitation to strength the musculature associated with the lower back pain before continuing onto specific golf related exercised which strengthen the core, gluteus and back muscle.

This was all with the aim of returning Mr N back to golf pain free and performing better due to increased strength which related to increased power.