Knee Pain – A Patient’s Story

Recently, we had a visit from a patient in her mid 50’s with knee pain which was causing her to limb, stop the activities she was enjoying and even worse then that, it was starting to affect her job! The reason it had go so bad was because “she had to leave it and not see anyone due to the lockdown and it just got worse”

How was it starting to affect her life?

“At the beginning of lockdown I realised that I start to put on some weight and so my husband and I started to go out walking and cycling. We would either go out for a bike ride or a walk everyday, however, I soon discovered that my right knee would swell and become painful to the point that I couldn’t walk and would have to limb home with the help of my bike.”

So…What did we find?

On assessment:

Mrs D’s symptoms included: 

  • A constant dull ache on both in inside and outside of the knee
  • An occasion feeling of giving way
  • Extreme stiffness and pain after standing for a long period of time
  • Pain on the palpation of the joint line

When looking at Mrs D’s knee range of motion, she found it painful when trying to extend her knee and the range was reduced by approximately 10 degrees when comparing it to the other side.

When touching around her knee, she found it painful on the joint line and this in combination with a range of other tests showed us they she was struggling with a meniscal tear due to degeneration.

How did we help with Mrs. B’s back pain?

Unfortunately, this problem is not one that will truly be eradicated. Although a lot could be done to reduce her pain and return her pain-free to the activities she loves. Through, mobilisations and massage we reduced down her pain and increased her range of motion to match the other side.

After this we ensure that Mrs. D undertook a clear rehabilitation programme to strengthen her musculature and ensure that less load is travelling through her knee.

Some of the exercises used are below: