How we helped a runner to ease their Achilles Tendon Pain?

A male runner in his mid 30’s came to see us at Active Motion due to experiencing pain around his achilles tendon and heel. After approximately 2 months of suffering he decided to come and see us at clinic as rest and time did not improve his pain.

How was it starting to affect his life?

“ I was able to cycle no problem, however when I started to runner the pain was there instantly and I became very concerned that I was going to cause further injury.”

Mr C, felt that the pain had started to affect his running performance. “ I start running and the pain is there for approximately 2 miles then it starts to diminish. Although, when I stop running it becomes very sore and causes me to limp.” 

On assessment:

Mr C’s symptoms included: 

  • slight swelling around the achilles tendon
  • tenderness into the sole of the foot (Plantar Fascia)
  • increased tension into the calf (gastrocnemius) 

When looking at Mr C’s symptoms further, we discovered a weakness during force production of the calf muscle complex and an inability to perform 10 single leg calf raises.

How did we help with Mr. C’s running performance?

Firstly, we put a plan in place to keep Mr C running, although at reduced volumes. We discussed what type of pain is manageable and acceptable as well as discussing how we needed to reduce his running loads for a short period of time.

In Mr C’s treatment sessions we worked on reducing his calf muscle tension and tenderness in his plantar fascia. We also utilised exercise based rehabilitation to ensure that we prevented the symptoms from occurring while improving performance.


Single Leg Calf Raises  

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