So how does it work?

1) Massage increases blood flow to the muscle.

2) It drives the toxins and waste products out of the muscle into the blood stream – where it is then flushed away by the lymphatic system.


  • Release “knots” or trigger points, that can form in the muscles by using sustained pressure on that point.

  • Reduce tension, tightness and referred pain in the muscles.

  • Muscles can become more supple and resilient due to increased flexibility.

  • Injury will be prevented by keeping muscles balanced, relaxed and free from trigger points.

  • Reduce pain when used along side physical therapy.

  • Assist recovery


Still unsure?

If you are unsure if sports massage can be beneficial for your condition or you have any other questions relating to sports massage please feel free to contact us to ask any further questions you have and discuss how we can help.


We have massage vouchers avalible for any occansion… Birthday, Valentines or Christmas.

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