Sports massage is an excellent way to reduced soft tissue tension which is usually due to stress and activity. Decreasing the soft tissue tension regularally can help to reduce the likily of injuries as well as aches and pains. We at Active Motion understand this and therefore offer 3 appointment times to  best suit your requirements.

Looking for expert help? Talk to one of our Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy Team today...

We help active people move and feel better so they can return to the activities they love without painkillers or seeing a doctor.


1 Hour Treatment

  • Perfect for whole back massage (including neck and shoulders)
  • 3 or more regions of the body 
  • Post event recovery massage


Duration: 1 Hour

45 Minute Treatment

  • Perfect for neck and shoulders
  • 2 or more regions of the body 
  • Post event recovery massage (back of legs)


Duration:  45 Minute

30 Minute Treatment

  • 1 or more regions of the body 
  • Post event recovery massage (calves – back of shins)


Duration:  45 Minute

Jade Henley

Miracle worker! I was in agony with a trapped nerve and could barely turn my head. Jordan made me feel at ease right away and after just one session I felt 100% better. The followup advice really helped and I have since used Jordan on a number of occasions for other injuries. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Thank you Jordan!

Donna Picano

Jordan was very knowledgeable & was able to pin point my problem immediately – tight hip reflexors & after a 30 minute treatment was able to feel the difference. Jordan then advised what exercises for me to do myself in order to improve the movement in my hips.

He was very professional & talked me through what he was going to do.

Would definitely recommend.

Gemma Marie Dixon

I went along to see Jordan at Active Motion as I had been suffering with hip and back problems for 18 months. I had seen numerous osteopaths and chiropractors in that time, as well as my GP. Within 15 minutes Jordan had pinpointed the problem and started therapy. I felt a difference immediately and combined with the follow up exercises that he sent me, I really feel this will be the turning point.
The treatment room is beautiful, calm and welcoming and Jordan could not have been nicer or more professional.
He followed up as promised with information for me, including exercises to compliment my treatment plan. The cost is really reasonable compared to many places as well. Thanks Jordan for your help

Laura Hamilton

I went to see Jordan about a really annoying pain in my shoulder as it had been bothering me for ages. After a few sessions I could already see an improvement and now after a few more sessions, I’m able to do what I love and play netball without any pain!! Thank you so much Jordan. Would recommend to anyone. Friendly, knowledgable, listens and has your best interests in mind.

Michelle Cross

After rupturing my ACL back in December playing netball, I went to see Jordan at Active Motion to see what work he could do to get me ready for my op to reconstruct the ligament. Jordan has been absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t recommend him enough. I am so much stronger and sometimes even forget about my injury due to the strength, mobility, and motion work Jordan has put in place for me. Jordan has ensured that I am both mentally and physically ready for the op and the rehab that will follow. I am now confident after a few weeks with Jordan that I will come out the other side stronger and better than I ever have been.

Laura Ward

I can’t recommend this clinic highly enough. A pragmatic, no nonsense and knowledgable approach to my long term pain issues. Just wish I’d found this clinic 10 years ago! Life is so much better without the pain !

Antony James

Jordan came recommended me to, after I injured my thigh and the back of my leg while exercising without warming up properly. Foolish at my age (54)! He was very quick to assess and diagnose the problem then suggested and carried out a few different treatments. Within a few days I noticed a considerable difference and I am delighted to say I have made a full recovery, much faster than I would have anticipated. Thank you for suggesting some warm-up exercises! Would definitely visit you again!

Stacey Brine

Jordan was very helpful and professional. Massage was firm and really did the trick, he also gave great advise as to what exercises to do that would help. Highly Recommend

Rebecca E

I had my first session of acupuncture with Jordan yesterday, he was very informative, helpful and reassuring. I would highly recommend.

Miss Phillips

A very impressive first visit. Jordan went over and above to offer a brilliant service. Would highly recommend.

John Crabtree

Met for lower back consultation and immediately identified problem area. After a few sessions much more movement in back! Excellent work Active Motion.

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