We have seen an increase in the number of patients suffering with neck and/or shoulder pain recently!

WHY? We believe that is partly due to the amount of time we spend using technology! As humans of the 21st century we find ourselves staring at screens for most of our day – causing us to be hunched over our phones or slouched at are desks looking at computer screens.


  1. Increased load on the spine.

  2. Hunched Posture (round shoulders)

  3. Forward Head Posture (pokey chin)

  4. Shoulder Pain

  5. Increased Soft Tissue Tension

  6. Referred Pain (down the arm)


1) Re-organise your work place:

Raise your computer screen to eye level and your keyboard to around 90 degrees of elbow flexion.

2) Looking at your phone:

DO NOT bend over your phone instead LIFT your phone up to eye level.

3) Request our Advice PDF:

Our advice guides provide essential information to help reduce your symptoms which can be tailored to suit you.

If you are spending a large period of your day behind a screen you may also be experiencing lower back pain. We are planning one of our next blog post follow on from this one and discuss what you can do to reduce your lower back pain.

In the mean time if you can not wait… contact us and request a lower back pain FREE advice guide.

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