How we helped a patient to ease their Shoulder Pain and Stiffness

A man in his late 40’s came to see us at Active Motion due to suffering with shoulder pain that had caused serve range of motion lose. 

How was it starting to affect his life?

“ I started to find that I was unable to perform everyday tasks… I found it extremely difficult to do simple things like reach something off a high shelf or even put a t-shirt on!” 

On assessment:

Mr H’s symptoms included: 

  • Stiffness reach up forwards and side ways
  • an inability to put his hand behind his back
  • pain when turning a door handle

When looking at Mr H’s shoulder in more detail it was very clear that he was suffering with what we currently class as a stiff and painful shoulder. There was no rhyme or reason for it, he had not suffered a fall or a traumatic force. 

How did we help with Mr. H?

To help improve Mr H’s range of motion we utilised specific mobilisations designed to slowly reduce pain while increasing movement. Throughout treatment sessions we worked on improving range of motion and educating Mr H so he understood when it was okay to be experiencing pain. We then worked on reducing down the muscle tightness through massage and acupuncture.

We also utilised exercise based rehabilitation to ensure we prevented the symptoms from occurring. There were basic movement based exercises which required very little to no equipment.